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Fixes For Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door Opener Repair In La Porte TX

Garage Door Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The customer’s opener stopped registering any commands from its remote control. Wall console controls kept working fine.
Our Solution: We recognized the symptoms of a bad antenna, and ran the usual test. We tried pressing the button from a few inches away from the antenna and had partial success. We then replaced the opener antenna with another compatible part we brought with us, and there were no more problems.

Steven Calerri - La Porte
Cable Replacement In Channelview TX

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer noticed while working in his garage that something looked strange and discovered that the cable had snapped and was hanging down.
Our Solution: After determining that the customer was correct and the cable was broken, our professional removed it from the pulley system carefully. New, sturdy cable was then put through in its place and secured with brackets to keep it secured. Our professional tested the system as well to ensure it was working properly.

Ramon Bell - Channelview
Panel Replacement, Garage Door Repair Deer Park

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: This customer had a badly damaged garage door panel and didn’t want to replace the whole door.
Our Solution: An inspection told our team that the damage was not bad enough to require an entire new door. Instead, the broken panel was unscrewed from the door and removed to be replaced with a new one of the proper size, color, and look to match.

Kerry Munoz - Deer Park
Garage Door Troubleshooting - Garage Door Repair Deer Park TX

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: Garage door opener wouldn't respond.
Our Solution: Initially, the customer thought the problem was with his remote, but after discovering that the keypad wasn't working as well, he decided to call. We checked the power source and the external wiring, but found no causes for concern. While inspecting the opener's interior, however, we discovered a few fried wires. We replaced them all, and the motor unit returned to operation.

Ray Davis - Deer Park
Roller Replacement, Garage Door Repair Deer Park TX

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Worn rollers.
Our Solution: The tracks exhibited no significant signs of damage, but the nylon rollers were looking fairly worn and kept making noise even after we lubricated them. The customer insisted we replace them even though the door could still move, albeit not too smoothly. After fitting new steel rollers onto the door, we lubricated them and operated the system a few times to ensure the panels' movement was silent once again.

Winnie Bathop - Pasadena
Opener Repair, Garage Door Repair Deer Park TX

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Opener not working.
Our Solution: The first thing we checked was the chain drive system, and indeed, we found serious wear and rust on its links. We fitted a new chain in its place, and adjusted it to make sure it was taut enough to pull the door panels with relative smoothness and ease.

Jamie Dubstone - Deer Park
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